Saturday, January 02, 2016

Auld Lang Syne

Auld Lang Syne

Its been six months since I last wrote in my blog and I have too many excuses why I stopped writing.  And that’s what they are just excuses – but there was a bigger underlying reason.  I was embarrassed.  I lost my mojo big time.  It was winter and I just couldn’t take everything I had learned over summer and autumn and use it to my advantage in winter.  I went back to the normal cold wet miserable I want to eat pattern that was part of my normal life and I didn’t care.  I started putting weight back on and the thought of exercising just make me feel blah.  I made so many excuses why I couldn’t.

I had lost momentum.  It’s kind of like giving up smoking.  I can take two or three goes to finally kick it in the butt (please excuse the pun) for good.  I am been smoke free for nearly two years now and it took three goes over five years to get through the barrier.  I’m not there yet – I still crave one now and again especially if I’m stressed and even now I think about starting up again as it would help with my weight loss but I know its something that won’t happen. 

I came to realise that I just wasn’t in the right head space during this time to continue all the good work I had accomplished between January and June.  I put back on 7 of those lovely 12 kgs I had lost. Stink huh.

It wasn’t all bad I must admit. I joined a gym and fell in love with CENTERGY.  Centergy is a one hour session of mixed Pilates and Yoga.  My sister Katrina started dragging me along with her and within a couple of weeks I was hooked.  I never ever thought I’d be into doing Warrior One or Upside Down Dogs or Child Pose but I love it.  Its amazing how much I noticed the changes within my body after 10 weeks.  Boy does it make you sweat.  It ended up being the highlight of my week and I think I have only missed two sessions now since I started. 

A new year is underway and I know that with it I have to get myself back on track.  And no I’m not doing a New Years resolution type thing.  I’m just doing a Kick in the Butt. Take Two.  If at first you don’t succeed…..   However it gets said moment in time and getting my mojo cranked up again.

So part of the change is that I am getting rid of the Beached Whale hat.  It’s too negative.  It maybe one of the “downer” things that put me out of kilter so I am changing my blog name to reflect something that’s truly more me – its who Ive been for the last few years and why I didn’t feel positive enough about starting my original blog with it is probably one of the things that has been holding me back.

Im going to leave all the old blog pages up here as they are still a part of me and still represent a slice of my journey and to change them into the new blog just wouldn’t seem right.

So without further ado we bid farewell to the Beached Whale and hello to Feeling Gruvie.

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